Cargo Armenia Logistics provides crafted freight forwarding across a range of professional industries. No matter how remote the destination or how complicated the move, we specialize in expert logistical solutions for your most precious cargo.

We have offices in Armenia, Mexico, USA and are a member of a large network of foreign agents, allowing us to provide knowledgeable and personalized cargo service across the globe. We craft custom solutions for each and every freight, creating the ideal itinerary based on your time schedule, budget and cargo specifications.


Your companion in transportaion needs!

  • We simplify your freight transportation process to the point, where you do not have to worry about it at all.
  • We optimize your shipping routes to reduce transit times and costs.
  • You will always know where your shipment is, at any point in time.

Packaging Service

Properly serviced brakes are essential to the safety of your vehicle.

  • Our professional air freight services ensure timely and safe delivery of your goods.
  • The hallmark of our services is timely delivery and competitive rates for our customers.
  • Air freight services are simpler , straightforward and more feasible for regular and small shipments.


Reliable Logistic Service

Our logistic teams consist of hundreds of employees to post-delivery.

  • we constantly keep Auditing and  analyzing the warehouse and distribution services .
  • We develop and operate all our services with a singular goal, which is to take away the complexities of freight forwarding, logistics, and shipping, out of the way for you.
  • Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements, and provide tailored solutions to your transportation and logistical needs.

World Class Transportation Service

Team of logistic experts are always available to help you.

  • We handle every aspect of freight shipping processes which includes Picking , Packing and Transporting goods.
  • We have an extensive and advanced ground transport network throughout the world, which helps us deliver your products faster.
  • We ensure that the complexities and the costs of shipping do not rise if the distance between pickup and delivery point increases.